Purium in Hollywood

Here are just a few of the Movie Stars and TV Celebrities that are Purium fans

Brian Krause
Brian Krause, best known for his portrayal of Whitelighter Leo Wyatt on Aaron Spelling's popular program "Charmed."
Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson, widely known for his role on the television show "Baywatch," stopped by to say "hello" to his friend Dave. Jeremy is a big fan of Purium's Sports & Fitness products.
Sofia Milos
Sofia Milos from "CSI: Miami" and "The Border."
Patrika Darbo
Patrika Darbo from "Days of Our Lives" and many other classic TV sitcoms.
Kasey Kahl
Lindsay Pearce from "Glee" and other members from "The Glee Project" make sure to say "hi" to Dave.
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams, from TV shows "Melrose Place" and "Soul Food"
Nyambi Nyambi
Nyambi Nyambi from "Mike and Molly."
Kasey Kahl
Kasey Kahl from "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor Pad."
Linda Chorney
Linda Chorney, Grammy nominee for Best Americana Album
Nadji Jeter
Nadji Jeter from the TV show "Reed Between the Lines" and upcoming movie "Grownups 2"
Eric Nies
Eric Nies is a former male fashion model and reality television personality. He first gained fame as a cast member on MTV's "The Real World: New York." Eric is a strong advocate of Purium products and was the inspiration for the Anabolic Fast program created by Dave.
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas is a martial artists and professional stunt man and fight choreographer. Peter has stunt doubled for David Carradine (of "Kill Bill" fame) and many other professional actors in Hollywood. Peter is a big supporter of Purium's Sports & Fitness products.
Fatman Scoop
Isaac Freeman III, better known by his stage name Fatman Scoop is an American hip hop promoter and radio personality famed for his on-stage rough, raw, loud voice. Purium's Scoop of Greens was named after Fatman Scoop which he says has helped him greatly to maintain a healthy blood glucose.

Making healthy cool.

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