Cracked Cell Chlorella Powder - 8 oz

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The world is filled with toxic chemicals and heavy metals.
This is your daily detox.

  • Nature`s richest whole-food source of chlorophyll
  • May support natural detoxification
  • May help break down heavy metals
  • May help decrease plaque buildup in arteries & support healthy cholesterol levels
Purium`s Cracked Cell Chlorella is cultivated in a controlled outdoor environment in ponds filled with mineral-rich water. Our easily-digestible tablets and powder are a great addition to any detoxification regimen. We recommend combining it with any of our green foods for a smoother taste and added nutritional benefits.

Servings per 8 oz container (powder): 75
Instructions: Take fifteen tablets (3g) per day.


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Making healthy cool.

Independent Distributor
Jim Ewald
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