Organic Tropic Oil - 1 gal

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Raw coconut oil makes food taste better.
It also makes the body WORK better!

  • May help improve nutrient absorption
  • Does not contain any cholesterol nor promote platelet stickiness in the blood.
  • Stable under high heat, which means it is an ideal oil for cooking
  • Healthy alternative to butter or margarine
Organic Tropic OilTM is pure, extra virgin coconut oil. Our Organic Tropic OilTM is hand poured into jars at a low temperature making a marbled texture that shows it is still in its raw state. We recommend taking it raw to support healthy immune function and/or using it in cooking to replace other oils or shortening.

Servings per 1 gallon container: 256
Instructions: A serving is one tablespoon of coconut oil, best taken raw (great when blended in smoothies or used to replace vegetable spreads or butter). It is also a great cooking oil.


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Making healthy cool.

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Velvet Chong
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