Dave Sandoval in the Media

Dave Sandoval is a world-renowned author, lecturer and media personality. He is an "asset" for all Purium Distributors because he garners free publicity on a regular basis. Below is just a small sampling of some of Dave’s recent media appearances and online videos ...

Dave Sandoval

Superfoods for Supermodels: as seen on KTLA
A new program created by David Sandoval. Whether you want to maintain a super model figure or simply lose ten or more extra pounds, this program will change your life.
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New Yorker interview with David Sandoval
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David Sandoval in Trine Grung, one of the most visited blogs in Norway
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Dave's audition video for Wellness Expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show
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Dave's food philosophy
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Dave goes shopping
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Dave's core workout
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Dave in Chicago
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Making healthy cool.

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