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"20 years ago, I was older than I am today."

Dave Sandoval at age 28
Dave Sandoval at age 48

Dave Sandoval at age 28

Dave Sandoval at age 48

Just look at the picture on the left. That was me, 20 years ago. I was your typical sedentary businessperson, eating a rather conventional diet. Although I was chronologically younger in the picture on the left, my biological markers for aging (blood pressure, heart rate, etc...) were worse (older) than they are today. In other words, I am biologically younger today than I was 20 years ago!

Shortly after that photo was taken I did a 180 with my eating habits ... and that created a 180 for the rest of my life. Today I am thinner, healthier and happier then I was back then. I feel like I haven't even reached the prime of my life yet. And no matter what YOUR age or current health condition, if you join Purium, we can help you look, feel and perform like a younger person. I know what it takes. I've done it myself!

Here is a bit about my background, written by a health and wellness author.
Sandoval is not only a world-renowned expert and in-demand lecturer, but is also an entrepreneur, nutritionist, activist, personality, author, and authority on whole food nutrition and disease prevention.

As host of the "Health Discovery Hour," which was broadcast on a 50,000 watt station, he gained a large following in New York and Chicago that is still loyal to him to this day. Many of them followed him over to his company Purium Health Products and enjoy listening to him on the Purium-sponsored Consumer Education conference call every 1st Wednesday of the month.

For those looking for an education in Sandoval's school of thought, one has to look no further than his latest tome, The Green Foods Bible, from Freedom Press. In this definitive guide to superfoods, Sandoval waxes green on how to increase energy, to overcome many illnesses, and boost overall health through the incorporation of such powerhouses as heirloom seed Kamut, barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, and more, into your daily diet. The Green Foods Bible has been translated into 4 different languages and topped Norway’s 'Best Sellers' list within 10 days of its release. Dave has also written articles touting his green super food message for Skin Inc, Dermascope, and The Doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living, amongst other publications in the nutrition industry. Sandoval’s research paper 'How Green Foods Heal the Body' is another way to learn more about his school of thought and his passion for teaching the world about the immense health benefits of green foods.

Despite Sandoval's many successes and high profile within and outside of the industry, his beginnings were altruistic and humble in nature. After watching friends and family suffer – and sometimes succumb – to the ravages of diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis, Sandoval refused to sit idly by and decided to devote his life to making a difference in the health of others. One such example was documented in a short film about one man's struggle to achieve a dramatic weight loss. Manny "Tiny" Yarborough was a Sumo wrestler whose health had gotten out of control- with the guidance of Sandoval and use of his health products, Yarborough was able to lose 265 lbs.

For the last two decades, Sandoval searched the world over seeking out experts and their knowledge of natural healing. Sandoval has researched and studied with the world's premiere authorities on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic medicine, and western holistic medicine- including his mentor, Ann Wigmore, the founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute and the world’s foremost advocate of “living food” nutrition. The result of Sandoval’s journey is the "Plant-Based Nutrition Program," which he created under the premise that "there is no safer approach to getting well than nature's approach!"

While jet-setting the globe, Sandoval continually sought out and gained access to sources of rare, diverse, healing super foods ripped from the pages of history, re-introducing foods like Amla fruit, Kamut grass, and "activated barley" to the modern world. He spent years perfecting and combining scientific research with painstaking selection to compose dozens of phytonutrient-rich formulas, which are available to the general public through his company, Purium Health Products.

Sandoval believes that there is most definitely a relationship between diet and disease, stating that "God and Mother Nature have provided everything the human body needs to live a long, disease-free life." Purium Health Products are composed of synergistically-combined superfoods that nourish at the cellular level, activating metabolism and boosting the immune system. In short, he explains, "They do the opposite of the average American diet: they rejuvenate and re-activate the body through foods with a high nutritional density and low caloric value, which may result in everything from increased overall health to weight loss to anti-aging effects!"

Sandoval has happily shared his knowledge ... and the fruits of his hard work… on 200+ radio programs and more than a dozen interviews on national television, such as KBC Morning News, Channel 1 New York, and Norway's most popular show on the station TV 2.

Sandoval lives and oversees his operations out of Long Beach, California, a fact that hasn't been lost on his neighbors in Hollywood; he has personally helped several celebrities and industry-types accomplish their health goals through his guidance and products.

Today, Sandoval has focused his attention on using people's desire to slow the aging process, lose weight, and detoxify as the backdrop for creating healthy bodies capable of maximizing their life potential.

Sandoval focuses on private events at his Oasis Retreat where he can use one-on-one time to help those who need it. He says, "I wanted the Oasis to be a sanctuary away from the stress that most people experience in their lives. A place of transition where one can reflect on what would be necessary to heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and take positive steps toward this new life."

You can find Sandoval on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sandoval.dave and on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/puriumtube

Making healthy cool.

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